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Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

The Technical Assistance Center is the focus point for you to contact with technical networking questions or problems. The Technical Support Engineers are your problem managers. They will co-ordinate all post-sales technical issues to ensure an appropriate and speedy resolution. It is their responsibility to ensure that all members of the Support Team are aware of the critical issues.

The technical support group consists of the TSA’s at three TAC’s located around South Africa:

Cape Town





Our International Helpdesk is available for all configuration and fault finding assistance if they cannot complete the issue Local TAC teams will follow through.

Typically, calls are directed to the local TAC, with the corporate TAC (Midrand) being the escalation point for all of the other TACs.

All post-sales technical support issues are managed by the TAC. The TAC will open a problem case, and will function as a focal point for all problem-related information.

Elite service contracts will be assigned a primary support engineer who will be familiar with the network, history, and other related issues. All Elite post sales technical issues will be managed by this specific support engineer.

Field Network Engineers

Network Engineers work in the field and report directly to the Corporate TAC. They can be dispatched to your site to get a hands-on look at the networking issue. The NE’s work directly with the TAC, and help gather information to isolate and identify network issues.

Additionally, NE’s can perform post sales network installation and network evaluation and consulting as part of the Core Networks Services Department.

Corporate and Sales System Engineers

The primary responsibility of the Systems Engineer (SE) is to provide pre-sales networking support to the sales managers. However, they also represent the TAC when an NE is not in the area or is unavailable. In this capacity, the SE is acting as a TAC NE, and will coordinate all post sales network issues with the local TAC.

When an SE is supporting post sales issues, you can consider the SE an extension of the TAC. However, the TAC will remain the focal point for your problem resolution.

Software and Hardware Engineering Group

This group consists of Development, Sustaining, and Systems Quality Assurance Engineers for both hardware and software. If the TAC determines that your issue is not a configuration issue, then the TAC co-ordinates with this group to resolve the issue. If this group finds a problem, they will recommend a solution to the TAC, which will then discuss the solution with you. The TAC will always remain the primary contact.

Problem Reporting

If you have a network issue that you cannot resolve yourself, then you should immediately contact the local TAC.

Contact Numbers

The contact numbers are as follows:

TAC Corporate 012 653 0953