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Network Analysis

A Wired or Wireless network analysis is like giving a car a check-up. The Core Networks Analysis Services comprises two components i.e. :

The New Installation Service, whereby we monitor the new installation for a period, highlight configuration errors, if any, and produce a detailed, vendor independent report, giving the new installation a bill of health. We also supply the IT Manager and the Network Installer (Vendor) with a documented report, reflecting the actual traffic and utilisation (base-line). This report is invaluable when making informed decisions on future network growth and development.

The Analysis Service may be rendered for existing networks on a regular, pre-scheduled and contractual basis. The advantage is that potential problems are identified before they escalate into a full-scale disaster, performance issued are highlighted, growth patterns are established, standards compliance is checked and a documented report, reflecting the base-line, is supplied.

This service could be used on a proactive basis to ensure that future network problems are avoided. By doing a Analysis service on an existing network and testing applications before they are deployed, problems can be pro-actively managed.

With the highest quality of networking analysis equipment we are able to isolate all networking problems.