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EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 EnTurbo Engine Wireless Access Point Launched

Posted 25/9/2018

EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 EnTurbo Engine Wireless Access Point Launched

EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 EnTurbo Engine Wireless Access Point Launched
Evolution Wi-Fi Solution from 802.11n to 802.11ac Wave2 For Both Small to Mid-Size Business Owners and Integrators

Singapore – January 23rd, 2018 – EnGenius, a leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking solutions that empower mobility for small to mid-size businesses and residential markets, announced today that it has launched the EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 EnTurbo Engine Wireless Access Point (AP).

Turbocharged Wireless Performance
EnGenius’ EnTurbo line of enhanced 11ac Wave 2 access points and bridges feature powerful onboard quad-core processor that turbo-charges wireless performance. In addition, the new wireless access point offers accelerated speeds, increased dense user support, and improved connection reliability at exceptional pricing that makes next generation, business-class Wi-Fi affordably accessible.

“EnGenius is the single industry leader that offers the complete product portfolio for 11ac Wave2 Wi-Fi,” said Lawrence Lim, Regional General Manager, EnGenius Networks Singapore. “EnTurbo engine enhanced 11ac Wave 2 APs and bridges turbo-charge wireless performance for small and mid-size businesses."

Lawrence added that the powerful onboard quad core processors in the EnTurbo engine combine with new 11ac technology to maximise speed, performance, and greater user device capacity and connection reliability to deliver next generation, business-class Wi-Fi at exceptional pricing.


Value For SMBs and Integrators
Lawrence explained that the quad-core chipset is a powerful onboard processor that turbo-charges wireless performance. "The EnTurbo engine offers up to 30% faster throughput speed over 11ac Wave 1 access points," he said. "The MU-MIMO technology provides increased speed, user capacity and connection reliability. In addition, exceptional pricing makes next generation business-class Wi-Fi affordably accessible to SMBs."
He added that because the EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 offers turbocharged wireless performance, next generation Wi-Fi and exceptional price performance, systems integrators will be able to provide their SMB customers the best wireless technology that increases the network’s bandwidth and capacity to handle dense user environments. In addition, all the EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 can be managed by ezMaster network management software. This free, easy-to-use tool is ideal for managing small to multiple networks locally or remotely with no license or subscription fees.

"Our systems integrators have been asking for a solution that supports higher bandwidths at a lower total cost of ownership per deployment," he said.
"With the EnGenius 11ac Wave 2, our systems integrators will be able to offer their SMB clients an easy, affordable way to offer wireless connectivity without the high cost of trenching and running cable."

The EnGenius EnTurbo Access Points offer the next generation of enhanced 11ac Wave 2 wireless performance. Expanding on the legacy of EnGenius’ top selling EAP series, EnTurbo APs turbo-charge wireless speed, coverage, and reliability for small and mid-size businesses.
EnGenius 11ac Wave 2 EnTurbo Engine indoor and outdoor Wireless Access Points are now available:

  • EWS550AP - Dual Band AC1300 Managed Wall Plate Access Point
  • EAP1300, EAP1300EXT, EWS330AP - Dual Band AC1300 Indoor Access Point
  • EWS370AP, EWS371AP - Dual Band AC2600 Managed Indoor Access Point
  • EAP2200 - Tri-Band AC2200 Indoor Access Point
  • ENS620EXT - Dual Band AC1300 Outdoor Long Range Wireless Access Point
  • ENS500-AC, ENS500EXT-AC, EnStation5-AC - 5GHz AC867 Outdoor Long Range Wireless Customers Premise Equipment
  • EWS870AP, EWS871AP - Dual Band AC2600 Managed Outdoor Access Point

About EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Established in 1979, EnGenius is an industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology for businesses, service providers, and consumers. Our mission is to deliver best-in-class voice and data solutions that enhance productivity and embrace simplicity. We believe connectivity should come with a promise of reliability, rich features, and personalized service while maintaining affordability.
EnGenius’ comprehensive product line includes Gigabit PoE switches, indoor and outdoor wireless networking products, and IP cameras for business, as well as mesh routers for retail consumers. As a world-leading network provider, EnGenius is globally recognized through such awards as the Taiwan Excellence Awards, Red Dot Design Award, and Computex d&i awards. With deep experience in the networking industry, we help millions of customers worldwide successfully deploy state-of-the-art wireless solutions for a wide range of applications and market sectors, including hospitality, government, transportation, and education.